Around Wiener Neustadt

From the urban-tranquil charm of Wiener Neustadt, over the soft hills of the Bucklige Welt-Wechselland region and the magical Belle Époque flair of the Semmering-Rax World Heritage region, to the magnificent Schneeberg mountain and the sun-drenched vineyards of the Neustadt canal: the State Exhibition region has many faces, each one more beautiful than the other. The Lower Austria State Exhibition, in the capital of the Vienna Alps, is the starting point for a diverse voyage of discovery: delightful countryside stories, freedom in beautiful nature, world culture with mountain views, culture and fun by the river.

Bucklige Welt-Wechselland

© Wiener Alpen, Zwickl

Delightful countryside stories

With its rolling hills, proud fortified churches and cosy little guesthouses, the Bucklige Welt-Wechselland region is a charming microcosm to happily lose oneself in.

Semmering-Rax World Heritage Region

© Tom Son

World culture with mountain views

High mountains with deep valleys, grand villas and breath-taking views, as far as the eye can see: anyone who visits the Semmering-Rax World Heritage region will understand why this wildly-romantic landscape has always been a magical draw for artists and thinkers alike.


© Niederösterreich Werbung, Andreas Jakwerth

Freedom in beautiful nature

Nestled between the Schneeberg and Hohe Wand mountains, this area enchants with its contrasting landscapes: high up on the mountain, or down in the wide plains, here you can feel free. Hiking, walking or simply enjoying the fresh air and heavenly peace.

Wiener Neustadt Canal

© Tom Son

Culture and fun by the river

Hilly vineyards and sprawling lush-green meadows ,birds chirp their songs in the bushes and trees along the paths, ducks quack by the river banks. The region around the Wiener Neustadt canal is both on and in the river – literally and figuratively.

Wiener Neustadt

© Wiener Alpen, Zwickl

The Capital of the Vienna Alps


Stroll past historically-significant buildings, across the bustling pedestrian zones, into the historic centre of Wiener Neustadt. You can never be lost for new things to do in Neustadt.

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