Donau-Auen National Park is a riparian habitat between the cosmopolitan cities of Vienna and Bratislava, a landscape that is unique in Europe. The park protects the last large, unspoilt wetlands territory on the continent. It offers a wide range of activities for visitors, from boat excursions, guided hikes and adventure expeditions to children’s programmes, workshops, and project weeks.

An adventure trail on the Schlossinsel (Castle Island) affords a look at riparian habitats, animals, and plants across the river landscape. A stopover on the trail presents an array of animal tracks, hides, antlers, and other fascinating clues to the area’s beavers, stag, roe deer, or foxes. Other resident wildlife includes European pond turtles, native snake species, amphibians, and various insects – from wild bees and beetles to dragonflies, butterflies and more. Step into the underwater observation station for a glimpse at the aquatic life teeming in the old arms of the river Danube. It’s a bit like a dive or snorkel, without all the gear!

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