The Marchauen WWF Nature Reserve is located in the floodplain of the river Morava between the Marchegg and Zwerndorf. The 1,100-square-kilometre natural paradise has been an official wildlife reserve since 1973.

Marchegg Palace is surrounded by circular hiking trails with a number of hidden observation posts and a resting area.
Biberweg: ca. 7 km / 3 hrs – Unkenweg: ca. 4 km / 2 hrs – Storchenweg ca. 2 km / 1 h

There’s more to discover than the famed storks! The area is also the natural habitat of a number of other bird species including the mighty white-tailed eagle, not to mention large populations of red deer and wild boars. Konik horses graze on the pasture of Marchegg in the southern part of the nature reserve. This Polish breed of small, mouse-grey ponies descends directly from extinct European wild horses. They only reach a shoulder height of 130 to 145 centimetres, but they are very strong and sturdy. (Caution: do not feed the horses!)

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