Expedition on the Marchfeld – a boundless experience of nature

The Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 is approaching, and so is our journey through the region and its unparalleled nature. Marchegg Palace is the starting point for a trek through the Marchfeld plain and its unique landscape.

“Expedition on the Marchfeld – a boundless experience of nature” is an exploratory foray through the plain in anticipation of the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022. Locals and visitors are encouraged to see the Marchfeld and its striking natural features in a new, unexpected light. Our goal for 2022 is to tap into a regional, previously obscure wealth of knowledge, learn new things and share these insights with as many people as possible.


Marchegg Palace on the Marchfeld


© Storchenhaus Marchegg

Hosting the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022 is the Baroque Marchegg Palace on the Marchfeld plain.

Marchegg – also known as “stork city” for its prominent colony of white storks – was originally founded in 1268 as a frontier bastion against Hungarian invasion. The castle was originally moated and was part of the town’s fortifications. Some 400 years later, the moat was filled in, the corner bastion removed and the structure was converted into a Baroque palace. From that point on, Marchegg Palace would serve an altogether different purpose for two centuries: the Pálffy family, a line of Hungarian nobles, used it mainly as a hunting lodge and summer residence. Their former hunting grounds around the castle have been a designated nature reserve for nearly 50 years.

About the region

These days, Marchegg Palace provides an ideal starting point for cross-border explorations of the region’s unique natural surroundings.

The Iron Curtain stood for decades as an unwelcome separating element, a barrier that kept people living along the Morava apart; for nature, this unloved divider meant more than 30 years of almost untouched growth. While the interior of the castle is currently closed for renovations associated with the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2022, the region beckons. An outdoor voyage of discovery awaits.

Experience the rich variety of the Marchfeld region, from the plain to its wetlands and riverscapes.

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